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                Shanghai Lixin E-commerce Co., Ltd.,

                Release time: 2017-07-05

                ◇ Shanghai Lixin E-commerce Co., Ltd., invested by Leacheng Group, was established in November 2011.

                Shanghai Lixin E-commerce Co., Ltd., invested by Leacheng Group, was established in November, 2011.

                Lixin is committed to expanding non-entity access and network marketing of Nainsook home wear, meanwhile, designing and manufacturing Nainsook home wear series for network market, in order to provide the most fashionable Nainsook home wear products with high cost performance for online consumers in China.

                Through active expansion of Lixin Company, Nainsook home wear has been known to many online consumers currently through several online sales platforms such as Brand Website, T-mall, JD.com, VIP.com etc.

                The Company actively meets the demands of online supply chain of brand garment, and matches the advantages of traditional supply chain with various terminal markets including Brand Flagship stores, celebrity stores and small online retail stores, in order to seek for a new business mode.

                With the rapid development of the company, our performance has been increasing monthly. Shanghai Lixin E-commerce Co., Ltd. is gradually becoming the most competitive company in the industry of China garment e-commerce.

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