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                Leacheng Apparel Suzhou Company

                Release time: 2017-07-05

                Located in Suzhou that is known as ‘Paradise’, Leacheng Group (Suzhou) Co., Ltd is situated at the Emerald City Mall, the commercial center in the High-tech Zone, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, with convenient transport and beautiful environment. Founded in 1999, after 20 years’ exploration and practice, the Company has developed into a large-scaled industry and commercial enterprise, integrating with product R&D, garment design, manufacturing and finished product export. It has been engaged in the export business of medium-high quality lounge wear, fashion casual wear and sportswear. The company’s products have been exported to Asia, Europe, America and other regions, and the product quality and service brand have obtained high praise at home and abroad. The company has 220 employees and possesses a professional team proficient in business, technology and quality management; with three large-scaled garment production bases, and by introducing ET garment CAD system, Germany BULLMET automatic cloth paving machine, Germany BULLMER automatic cutting bed, Sunrise intelligent hanging line and various professional equipment, it has formed a well-equipped processing system with first-class devices; and it keeps good cooperation with more than five hundred domestic enterprises, with annual production exceeding 30 million pieces; it has an international standard inspection and testing center of textile surface, accessories and garments, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of raw materials and garment products; it has become the designated supplier of worldwide brands, such as  RALPH LAUREN, MICHAEL KORS, DKNY, TOMMY, CALVIN KLEIN, NAUTICA, which realized the improvement of high quality production and enterprise brand; the factory invested by the company is approved by customers and stores including COSTCO, WRAP, PRIMARK, WMT, FD, DG, NBCU, AVON, DISNEY, VF, PVH, KOMAR, which has effectively improved the product quality and scientific management level. Upholding the enterprise spirit of “integrity, rigorousness, striving and innovation”, and adhering to the operation concept of “honesty, cooperation and win-win”, we strive to continuously expand competitive advantages, and are committed to working together with all partners all over the world to achieve win-win cooperation and create brilliance.


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