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                The story about the YOGATECH

                Release time: 2017-07-05Source:Times of browsing:Author:

                Yogatech was designed in New York City influenced by the unique downtown culture and lifestyle of independent busy women. Our team of creatives wanted to create a feminine look with attitude and modern style that would keep up with the everyday hustle or your hardest workout. 


                Yogatech has grown from a successful manufacturing company that has developed apparel for some of the biggest retail names to date for 15 years. Our knowledge and expertise of fabric and the latest technology enables our brand to deliver the highest quality and comfortable fit. We value strong functional fabric and ethical labor practice. 

                Our trademark fabric Mega-Cool is strong fabric delivering Moisture Wicking, Anti-Microbial, and Cooling to ensure you stay dry and comfortable during your workout and after. We know how tough the fitness regime can be, and we want to make your activewear feel ultra-comfortable.


                Yogatech is all about comfort, timeless designs, and ensuring we prioritize functional technology in your garments. Our look and style is fun,effortless,and modern. Our collection is great for yoga, fitness, and casual wear like brunch with friends or walking the dog. We cater to all shapes and sizes by creating a Missy and Plus collection.


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